About Us

Lexus electronic is a Hong Kong Company that manufactures and markets 10,000 different products  

and is best known for Audio-Visual & IT accesories .

For over twenty years , Lexus electronic has been looking to the future to bring you advanced technology

with the most cutting-dege design .

Lexus electronic products are enviromentally friendly , wich means a better quality of life now and in the future .

Recognized as the distribution hub Asia, Techno plaza–china representative office world class distribution center situated in Guangzhou Ensures that customers experience convenience when purchasing the Related products.

The state-of-the-art warehouse is fitted with leading-edge technology and equipment, and makes extensive use of bar-coding technology and rapid conveyor systems.

This well equipped warehouse and office facility provides a business center for approximately 100 staff, with regional offices in Singapore, Dubai & Beirut,  In order to provide quick access to local and International Destinations, as well as enabling to clear bulk shipments of Products with ease so that they can be distributed faster.

"To be recognized as a leader in the electronics industry and to become the preferred solution and service provider for local and regional customers.
OUR Mission:
"To provide our valued customers with quality, competitive and advanced solutions to their satisfaction while serving the local community. Our employees and business partners will share our success, and our shareholders will receive a sustained, superior return on their investment."

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